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Sutherland Campus

Sports and leisure services for full-time students is located in Peterborough Sports and wellness, in which team of University Fleming Knights reside.

  • Services include:
  • Varsity program
  • Intramurals
  • special events
  • gym rental
  • reduction of overall leisure programmes and programmes
  • Artificial Fleming

It features a spa and Peterborough Sports Centre:

This impressive center opened in the spring of 2005, which encompasses university teams of the knights Fleming, and has a triple gym, and gyms and water sports.

Students who work full-time at the university Сазерленда, they can use the gym and participate in внутримуральных class and various natural state, such as interval and endurance cycling, step, and sculpture, as well as cardio-kickboxing. Registration in gyms, fitness centers and aquatic centers included in the registration fee. He should have the student ticket for access.

  • triple gym
  • fitness
  • the equipment of strength and packing
  • cardio equipment
  • Pedestrian street 100 m
  • aerobics studio
  • swimming pools for relaxation and treatment
  • sauna
  • shower
  • the locker room

Frost Campus

Frost sports and Recreation offers the following services for full-time Frost students:

  • intramurals
  • leisure
  • sport extra-Berry (male and female hockey ))
  • Varsity sports
  • Sport recorder
  • Planning of special events
  • The Field House

Knights celebrate the success of student athletes.

48-th Annual Sports symposium Knights Fleming held on Thursday, March 28. Today Fleming Knights paid tribute to student athletes. Here winners of the Fleming Knights award this year.

The prize the male and female athletes of the year

Paige friend and Wyatt Брошерт this year won the male and Female Athlete of the Year award.

Paige Droog is part of the massage program and is a member of the Curling Women’s group. Droog jumped for Fleming Knights and left the team at the bonspiel national championship two years in a row. Here дрог was named the star of the OCAA team and The Best Player of the Fleming Team. He also received the exemplary ACSC Leadership Award.

Paige and the friend who left Fleming Knights in the national championship бонспиэля two years in a row. Mr дрог, who is part of the massage therapy program, was named after the star of the OCAA team and The Best Player of the Fleming Team. He won an exemplary ACSC Leadership Award.

Droog very coachable, loyal and dedicated student-athlete, who is formidable the leader in the team.

Wyatt Brochert participates in the technical program in municipal forest chores and is head of team a-loggersports. Mr. Brochert was part of the loggersports team for three years. The huge success during the third year has proven that not only the excellent loggersports men player this year, but also the fact that it is cila record for pole climb in 2.96 seconds. When you do this, brought Brochert Awards cila MVP 2018-19.

Wyatt Brocert is part of the program the urban forest technician and team leader has Men loggersports. Brochert, Long Sault, Ontario, was part of the team Loggersports for three years, where he had huge success during the third year with the team, recorded the fastest elevator in the pole (2,96 seconds) in the history of CILA, earning him the title of player CILA 2018-19. Also, it is an excellent Loggersports men player this year.

Brochert-very dedicated student-athlete and an excellent leader in the team. He’s got a lot of respect for coaches and teammates.

Students can use the fitness center Field House is located on campus, which offers only fitness classes and sports programs. Participation in various внутриутробных and recreational programs, such as prisoner ball, hockey ball, volleyball, indoor soccer, curling-bonsai and snowboard and ski touring.

In addition to the services offered at the university, the students are full-time members of the community fitness centre with fully equipped gym and cardio exercise.

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