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Athletics Managers

Name: Rob McAulay

Title: Director of Fleming College Athletics & Recreation

Name: Greg Jefford

Title: Manager of Athletics & Recreation

Sutherland Campus – Peterborough

Name: Fred Batley

Title: Athletic Co-ordinator

Name: Jane Bolin

Title: Campus Recreation Coordinator

Name: Lynda Humphries

Title: Athletic and Recreation Assistant

Name: Kelly Kloosterman

Title: Athletic and Recreation Assistant (On Leave)

Name: Jennifer Bell

Title: Fitness & Lifestyle Coordinator

Name: Ryan White

Title: Athletic Trainer

Name: Jennifer Lambert

Title: Marketing & Promotions Coordinator

Name: Jess Verwey

Title: Athletic & Recreation Assistant

Name: Leah Toffelmire

Title: Athletic & Athletic Therapist

Frost Campus – Lindsay

Name: Michlynne Short

Title: Campus Recreation Coordinator (On Leave)

Name: Cory Campbell

Title: Campus Recreation Coordinator

Name: Jonathan Taylor

Title: Athletic & Recreation Assistant (September to April)

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