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The University of Western Brittany (Brest) and the Ligue de Bretagne d’athlétisme join forces to offer students a support structure for the sports and university project, integrated into the UBO.

A rich, varied and motivating training offer offered by the UBO :

All sectors of education are represented: Science, Law, Economics, Literature, Medicine, Kiné, STAPS, IUT… the UBO expands its offer so that each student builds his training path, respecting his tastes and desires and oriented towards success and professional integration. Also, the Brest STAPS trains stakeholders in the Sports professions: teaching, training, Management and adapted sports activities.

A Permanent Link with Sports Practice:

Through the special status granted to athletes within the University, the UBO values and encourages the investment and commitment of sports students. An available and qualified staff mobilizes and accompanies the student in his search for excellence. To embark on a sporting career should not be a hindrance to academic ambition, on the contrary. The ability to organize oneself, to develop one’s capacities, to seek efficiency, to communicate and to take initiatives are all transferable knowledge constituting real training objectives.

News from the SSU

1 title, two podiums and 11 finalists for the Brest SSU 2017

Exemplary conduct and performance for the 14 students of the SSU athlé of the UBO Brest who made the trip to Poitiers this Pentecost weekend for the French Championships in athletics.

The collective has been in the spotlight since it is the three relays that brought back the three medals…and it is in the relays that we can measure the collective dynamics.

Team results:

– French 3 * 1000 Champion with Lucas Huelvan, Benoit Campion and Jean Miniou

– Vice-champion of France of the 4*100 with Lydia Nicol, Laura Cordeiro, Philippine Peresse, Virginie Saulnier

– 3rd of the American relay 300/500/100/200/400 with Lydia Nicol, Emily Breakage, Philippine Peresse, Virginie Saulnier, and Laura Cordeiro

In the individual competition, we have ten finalists in a particularly high context this year. 4th place for Lucas Huelvan (L3 STAPS) at 1500m, for Philippine Peresse (L3 STAPS) at 100 hurdles and for Jacqueline N’som (L3 medicine) at length. 5th place for Tania Urien (L1 STAPS) in the javelin and Paul Mazet (L2 right) in the 400m hurdles. 6th place for Lydia Nicol (L3 Eco) in the 400 m Hurdles, Virginie Saulnier (L3 STAPS) in the 400 flat, John Miniou in the 1500 m and 7th place for Océance Breakdown (1500m), Emily’s The Breakdown (800m), Benoit Campion (1500).Complete Results

A look back at the January 2015 workshop in Portugal

Members of the Ubo Brest University sports Section (SSU) shone brightly this winter. The league of Britain athletics supports its athletes in this dual project is the successful completion of studies and sport. After a week of training in Faro (Portugal) at the beginning of January for eight members, accompanied by their referent Laurent Le Bras, four won medals at the various French championships (Cross-country and indoor).

Present were: Lydie Nicol (400m hedges-IUT GEA), Virginie Saulnier (400m – Licence STAPS), Anne-Emmanuelle Prévot (3000m steeple – 2nd Year Medicine), Goal-Mael Tanguy (800m – Master STAPS), Nicolas Laurent (800m – Licence STAPS), Lucas Huelvan (cross ET 1500m – Licence STAPS) and Vivien Majorel (800m – Master STAPS) in Faro (Portugal).

First of all, Marie Bouchard finished the year in a hurry with a record in 36’37 on 10km and a title of Brittany champion of cross court, the young student of Medicine began the year 2015 by finishing vice-champion of France Espoir of the cross long FFA and University as well as 4th of the 1500m indoor a week later. A regular of the podiums, who keeps putting Brittany forward at the national level.

On the sprint, Virginie Saulnier made a name for herself by becoming senior French champion by breaking her record (56 ” 59). She had launched her season by taking fifth place at the French university championships in January and this winter season came to a close in the most beautiful way.

Finally, on the 800m, Vivien Majorel after a semester in the United States that gave him Wings went twice on the second march of the National podiums. First at university level in January (Goal-Mael Tanguy 3rd) and at the French Senior Championships in March. A first FFA medal that only confirms the good dynamics of the 800m on the Brest side. Every year the University sports Section of the University of Western Brittany organizes an internship in Europe with its registered athletes. This year, five athletes were present from 5 to 9 May for an internship in Lloret de Mar in Spain… Inside view by Marie Bouchard, licentiate at the Stade Brest, in the 2nd year of Medicine at Brest and member of the SSU…

“Monday morning. After the previous day’s perfs under the colors of our respective clubs on the occasion of the first round of the interclubs, we were all over-motivated to get back to training in preparation for the next competitions.

What could be more motivating than an internship? For my part, I had been waiting for two years for my schedule to allow me to finally participate in an ” Easter internship “. So this year, no question of missing it! I had my finals a week later, but whatever. This internship was also important (see more ?…) for me to validate my year. Also, no more wind and rain, direction Spain and the Lloret de mar track!

It’s nice out there, not too windy…. in short, a great time! We enjoy it, even more, when we learn that it’s a storm! So, recycling in the water of the Mediterranean after each session: the dream!

The first footings allow you to discover the surroundings of the stadium located in the city. Change is good. On the track, there are always people to run, curious people who watch from their balcony or passers-by who stop all the time. It forces us to do our sessions seriously. So we can’t “crack”, the reputation of the UBO is at stake!

I had the chance to practice at the stadium of Angel Mullera, finalist of the 3000m steeplechase at the 2012 Olympics. This stadium “is the mecca of the steeplechase” tells us the goalkeeper of the stadium! So, “no hay problema” to fill the river and train me to cross that obstacle. I was even given insanity encouragement by the children of the stadium at each river crossing: I had no interest in falling!

A group of Polish high jumpers was also present at the stadium during the same week. They were impressive, and their commitment to the training has influenced me. It’s still nice to rub shoulders with top-level athletes in training. Too bad my Spanish and polish are so bad …As my midterms fell the week after the internship, I brought my binders. Hard to get to work with a blazing sun and a pool in the backyard… but there were several of us in the same situation, so between practices, we got motivated. It’s nice to see that we’re not alone in having two goals!

The visit to Barcelona and the Olympic Stadium was one of the highlights of this stage. With a big special session for everyone the next day, seeing this 400m Ring gave us wings!”

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